America’s Environmental Safety Net Threatened…

The Republican-led Congress is setting out to destroy America’s environmental safety net and reverse nearly 50 years of environmental progress. Consider what they did in the recently passed budget bill as a warning for what is coming In a single appropriations bill passed without public hearings, they:

** Cut EPA funding to its lowest level since 1989 forcing layoffs as a punishment for EPA trying to control carbon pollution causing climate change and trying to avoid non-point water pollution; (Even the conservative Supreme Court has ruled EPA has the authority under existing law to act.)

** Limited Clean Water Act protections for millions of wetlands allowing unacceptable non-point pollution;

** Repealed common-sense standards making light bulbs much more efficient;

** Prevented the Department of the Interior from placing the threatened sage grouse on the Endangered Species List thus allowing drilling and ranching interests to continue to interfere and destroy critical Sage grouse habitat on public lands.

There can be little doubt who they are working for…


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