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A Grandfather’s Lament

A Grandfather’s Lament By: Larry J. Schweiger      Standing on a heavily polluted Lake Erie Beach watching what was to be the end of the famed blue pike, I made a childhood promise to God that if given the opportunities, … Continue reading

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Addressing Over-Population in an Overheated World

Temperatures on earth have rapidly moved outside of human experience. The earth is warmer today than it’s been in 100,000 years and because of the long lag times of temperature momentum, much more warming is already baked in. Current carbon … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Governor Corbett fails to address Climate Change

Pennsylvania is failing to address Climate Change By: Larry J. Schweiger America is experiencing the early impacts of a rapidly changing climate. The Southwest has been overwhelmed with a drought that has been growing for more than a decade. Soon, … Continue reading

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A Grandfather’s Lament

It really doesn’t matter what our faith or worldview may be, wrecking the planet and harming our children’s future is an ethical abomination. Continue reading

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